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Our commitment to you
Together with a personal commitment from you, we will:

  • ​Help you set and achieve your goals
  • Provide you with the knowledge and coaching to affect lasting change
  • Teach you proper technique and form to help you to exercise safely and effectively
  • Provide you with encouragement, motivation and support
  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Provide new program ideas

Using the services of Sweat PT can help ensure your workout success!

Sweat PT 's Personal Training Staff are highly qualified individuals who hold either a BS in an exercise related field or a national accredited and recognized certification. 

Benefits of working with a personal trainer

  • Motivation & Support
  • Personalized Training Programs
  • Focus & Efficiency
  • Discipline & Consistency
  • Optimize Your Exercise Time & Experience
  • Improve Technical Skills
  • Injury Prevention
  • Break Through Plateaus
  • Learn How To Work-out Safely & Effectively
  • Accountability
  • Knowledge For The Future

Inside & outside the gym, you can expect success!

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About Sweat PT Performance Systems

Through consistent workshops and continuing education, our trainers have had additional training on dealing with special populations, geriatrics, prenatal training, and aligning posture. Because Personal Training covers you inside and outside the gym, you can expect success!

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Getting serious with a certified personal trainer
Your fitness professional is committed to your success. The results you achieve will depend on your personal level of commitment to yourself, application of training techniques, realistic goals and time frames, and your commitment to your program.